Standards of Excellence

Young America’s Foundation deeply appreciates the generosity of hundreds of thousands of Americans who support our youth outreach activities at the Reagan Ranch and across the country. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence because we take our responsibility of shaping America’s future leaders seriously. Our country’s future is at stake. Anything less than our best performance would jeopardize the advancement of freedom. We know our supporters have questions about the impact of their giving and our programs, financial management, and operations.

For a the full Standards of Excellence brochure, click here

Below is an overview of the Standards of Excellence that we follow:


Provides current reports on programs as they happen, throughout the year

Invites media to attend and report on events

Provides IRS Form 990 and audited financial statements online

Issues an annual report

Uses organizations photographs, not stock images. 

Encourages supporters and their legal and financial advisors to visit offices and attend programs

Welcomes questions asked by supporters and their legal and financial advisors


Protects confidential donor information 

Protects confidential student information

Does not publish confidential donor information online

Does not publicize gifts against a donor’s wishes

Attains consent of students/parents before publishing photos


Thinks creatively and dreams big, inspired by America’s great entrepreneurs

Manages ambitious projects and maintains a consistent track record of doing so

Accomplishes goals not being realized by other groups

Achieves and reports on results regularly

Honoring Donor Intent

Receives no government funding, so Americans are not forced to support Young America’s Foundation via coerced tax dollars

Invites new participants to become involved with Young America’s Foundation instead of restricting support to a privileged few

Receives broad-based grassroots support

Avoids telephone solicitation

Uses free enterprise practices, commonly used by for-profit businesses, to maximize effectiveness

Produces a track record of fulfilling supporters’ wishes

Offers and honors a variety of giving and recognition options