Young America’s Foundation’s Inaugural Middle School Program Brings Conservative Ideas to Younger Audiences


Young America’s Foundation is continuing to work to expand its programming to younger audiences, knowing that indoctrination can begin early in a student’s education. That is why YAF launched our first-ever middle school program in 2022 to combat this indoctrination, and to introduce pre-teens to the Conservative Movement.

At this important program, held in April of 2022 and sponsored by the Daofeng and Angela Foundation, students took part in two sessions at the Reagan Ranch Center, featuring speakers Dr. Jake Jacobs, who discussed American exceptionalism, and Peggy Grande, who shared personal stories from her time working with President Reagan and sharing his key characteristics with the young audience.

After the sessions, students went up to the Reagan Ranch for lunch and a tour of President Reagan’s beloved adobe home. While touring the Ranch and the surrounding structures, students were surprised to see the modest size of the home, reflecting the President’s humility. They also enjoyed seeing the President’s tack barn, which illustrates so well President Reagan’s commitment to hard work. Most importantly, the students left the Ranch with a greater understanding of President Reagan’s love for freedom and American exceptionalism.

By reaching younger students, YAF can help to build a new generation of students who can be a part of YAF for more than four years. Younger student involvement also works to involve more families and parents in our cause, increasing public awareness of YAF and also encouraging other siblings, peers, and home school association groups to participate in YAF programming. Students and parents also received helpful materials at this program to continue to discuss conservative ideas when they return home and with their friends.

We are grateful for the support of the Daofeng and Angela Foundation to launch this inaugural middle school seminar for dozens of students, and aim to replicate this program in the year to come.