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Message from Ron Robinson


Dear Supporter,

                  Ron Robinson

What is your legacy?

If you came of age before 1980, you experienced the Reagan Revolution firsthand. You felt the joy and pride of America’s revival.

So when Ronald Reagan said in his farewell speech from the Oval Office in 1989: “We made a difference. We made the city stronger, we made the city freer, and we left her in good hands,” you rejoiced with fellow Americans in your hope for the future.

But since then, liberals who control education, the media, and government, have been obsessed with distorting Ronald Reagan’s ideas and accomplishments. Nearly 30 years of leftist indoctrination and government overreach have chipped away at many of the successes of the Reagan Revolution.

But one stalwart of the Reagan era remains: You.

You have remained true to your conservative principles. You have a passion for youth outreach, as did William F. Buckley, who founded YAF in 1960, and Ronald Reagan, who worked closely with YAF beginning in 1962, when he joined our advisory board. Buckley and Reagan are remembered and honored every day through the young people who go through Young America’s Foundation’s programs. This is their legacy at YAF; it can be your legacy, too.

You can create a Personal Legacy of Educating Young People and Advancing Freedom.

You may not see yourself as the type of individual who could leave a legacy. That’s why my wife, Michelle, and I thought until we encountered heroic individuals who passed on their ideas through estate gifts to Young America’s Foundation. These individuals would have humbly described themselves as “ordinary.” But leaving a legacy empowers ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. 

Our advisors at Young America’s Foundation can help you create your legacy and protect freedom’s future.

To learn more, please watch this inspiring film, Making A Difference.

Flip through our “MAKING A DIFFERENCE” brochure below.

You and your advisors should feel free to call my colleague, Kimberly Begg, Esq., vice president & general counsel, or me at 800-USA-1776 anytime. We would be honored to help you.


Ron Robinson

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