CFC & Donations

Approved Charity

Federal employees and military personnel can donate to Young America’s Foundation to pass conservative ideas to young people and support students’ rights to participate in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) by making a generous charitable contribution through the Combined Federal Campaign or CFC. 

 To donate to Young America’s Foundation, use CFC #11540

Visit the CFC website for more information about opportunities in your workplace.

If you have any questions please contact 1-800-USA-1776.

Charitable Foundations

Mutual Missions

Young America’s Foundation has a long history of working with charitable foundations to achieve our mutual missions.  

If you represent a private foundation or have one of your own, please contact YAF at 800-USA-1776 to request a proposal, financial documents, annual reports, or to discuss sponsorship and partnering opportunities. 

Young America’s Foundation, the Reagan Ranch, and the National Journalism Center are nonprofit 501(c)3 charities under the tax identification number 23-7042029. 

Charitable Foundations

Young America’s Foundation can help your charitable foundation reach the next generation of American leaders with the ideas of limited government, free enterprise, a strong national defense, and traditional values.  

Our track record of successful partnerships speaks for itself and includes the following project examples:

  •  The Wisconsin Student Initiative for Lectures and Campus Activism through the Lynde & Barry Bradley Foundation
  • The sponsorship of the acre at the Reagan Ranch which Ronald Reagan’s home for 25 years sits upon through the DeVos Family Foundation
  • The Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholars Program through the Grover Hermann Foundation
  • A Seminar on the “Enemies of Freedom: From the Cold War to the War on Terror” with the Earhart Foundation
  • The Great Communicator exhibit in the Reagan Ranch Center gallery by the Daniels Fund
  • Efforts to contact and involve nearly 40 years of alumni of Young America’s Foundation’s programs with the JM Foundation
  • A series of seminar sessions through the National Journalism Center highlighting media bias and how to counter it sponsored by the Malcolm Smith Foundation
  • And many more! 

“The reason one supports Young America’s Foundation is that one’s country is going to be run, in a matter of days now, by these kids. They are going to be making the important decisions.”

– William F. Buckley Jr. –

Other Ideas for Sponsorships

The National Conservative Student Conference, the Reagan Ranch High School Conference, scholarships for students to attend our conferences and seminars, preservation of an acre or special acre at the Reagan Ranch, a lecture series or talk at a university of your choice with the speaker of your selection, National Journalism Center interns spending a semester in Washington, D.C., at a prominent media outlet, and much, much more!

Often, representatives of foundations, whether family members or staff, attend our student programs to see the difference they make in young lives for themselves.  We always welcome you to do so!