Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Lectures Reach Millions in 2022

In 2022, Young America’s Foundation returned to a full slate of campus lectures, hosting the biggest names in the Conservative Movement across a variety of schools nationwide. With the gracious support of the Daofeng and Angela Foundation and the Bedrock Foundation, these lectures were made available not just to the standing-room-only lecture halls on campuses, but also to an even wider audience online through YAF’s YouTube channel,

With impactful speakers such as Ben Shapiro, Vice President Mike Pence, Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, Kellyanne Conway, Liz Wheeler, and so many others, students nationwide are hearing conservative ideas—some for the first time. Topics ranging from wokeness, to free enterprise, to transgenderism and other cultural movements brought students to popular campuses, including the University of Virginia, The Catholic University of America, the University of Alabama, Yale University, and the University of California at Berkeley.

Overall, in 2022, YAF held 69 campus events. During these events, more than 24,000 people attended in-person, and additionally, 62 million people viewed these campus events online. This is thanks to the Daofeng and Angela Foundation’s support to promote the streaming of these key campus events so that they can be published online and reach young minds all over the country, and the globe.

Campus lectures often serve as a crucial way that students hear about Young America’s Foundation, and hear conservative ideas, ideas that are being left out of their university education. Having an online channel to search for topics being discussed on their campus can lead a student to find YAF’s YouTube channel, full of lectures from top speakers. These lectures, in turn, can help students to develop their own perspectives and how to defend them.

Students who attend a lecture in-person have the opportunity to share the event with their peers, and the opportunity to revisit a lecture if they found it particularly helpful in their development. In particular, the question and answer part of each campus lecture has proven to be beneficial to students who wish to debate ideas on campus with their peers and professors.

The lecture streaming for the following events was supported by the Daofeng and Angela Foundation and the Bedrock Foundation:

  1. Liz Wheeler at Wisconsin Lutheran College – 10,239 views to date
  2. Zuby at Texas A&M University – 10,439 views to date
  3. Matt Walsh at the University of Wisconsin-Superior — 220,042 views to date
  4. Liz Wheeler at DeSales University — 10,884 views to date
  5. Matt Walsh at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign — 211,252 views to date
  6. Matt Walsh at the University of Central Florida — 180,431 views to date
  7. Matt Walsh at The Catholic University of America — 274,857 views to date

We also thank the supporters and students involved in planning, executing, and funding the additional 62 campus events this past year. We are excited to see what events 2023 brings to campuses across the country!