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Ronald Reagan had a special partnership with Young America’s Foundation. Originally, YAF sponsored his radio addresses at Rancho del Cielo in the 1979s.Thanks to the generosity of patriotic Americans, YAF saved the crown jewel of the Conservative Movement, the Reagan Ranch, for future generations to know and love Ronald Reagan.



William F. Buckley, Jr. 


“The reason one supports Young America’s Foundation is that one supports one’s country.”


The Washington Times


“It would please Mr. Reagan that his spiritual home has been restored and maintained… by a private organization, Young America’s Foundation, and by voluntary contributions”


Vice President Dick Cheney


“Young America’s Foundation has been recognized as the premier organization dedicated to the enrichment of young Americans who are committed to the ideals of freedom and opportunity for all people.”

  • <strong><h4>Danny Weldon</strong></h4>

    Danny Weldon

    Danny Weldon, a rising junior at the University of Florida, is devoted to promoting your conservative principles. For Danny, his devotion to your ideas began when first becoming acquainted with YAF in 2016. Danny quickly formed a Young Americans for Freedom Chapter at the University of Florida, so more young people would understand and appreciate your values. Since becoming involved with YAF, Danny has attended multiple Young America’s Foundation conferences and seminars, thanks to your support. This past April, Danny and his YAF chapter hosted Ben Shapiro to a packed hall of more than 750 University of Florida students, faculty, and community members. Their event created such a large buzz at school that leftist agitators tried to stop their efforts—though they failed. Danny was a William & Berniece Grewcock Intern Scholar at our headquarters in Reston, Virginia in 2017. He spent the summer discovering more ways to win over his peers to your ideas.
  • <strong><h4>Lynn Sementelli</strong></h4>

    Lynn Sementelli

    Lynn Sementelli, a recent graduate of the University of Buffalo became inspired to do more through Young America’s Foundation’s breakthrough summer conference, the National Conservative Student Conference, in Washington, D.C. It took Lynn more than 10 months to get her YAF chapter approved by campus administrators. One of her chapter’s first activism initiatives was hosting conservative Robert Spencer at the University of Buffalo. In the days leading up to the event, they uncovered a plot to disrupt the conservative event by the University at Buffalo’s Muslim Student Association. When Robert Spencer arrived on campus, intolerant leftists dominated the room where he was scheduled to speak and began their agitation. Campus administrators and authorities did nothing to protect the free speech rights of Robert Spencer, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter, or students in attendance. Yet, the event was successful in reaching a large audience of young people with your philosophy, and Lynn’s YAF chapter is motivated even more to promote conservatism at their school.
  • <strong><h4>Joe Ballard</strong></h4>

    Joe Ballard

    Joe Ballard is a rising sophomore at the University of Alabama, where he is the founder of his Young Americans for Freedom Chapter. Joe became inspired to advance your conservative ideas at Young America’s Foundation High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch in 2014. Shortly after, he became a prominent YAF activist, leading his YAF chapter to pass on your conservative philosophy at Bellarmine College Prepatory High School in California. Joe has hosted Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran Lt. Col. Allen West at his school. Despite the leftist pushback that Joe and his fellow conservative students experienced before the lecture the event was successful in challenging the liberal monopoly at the school. A standing-room-only crowd of more than 200 students listened to Lt. Col. West. Joe was a summer 2017 William and Berniece Grewcock Intern Scholar at YAF’s headquarters in Reston, Virginia.
  • “I have worked closely with Young America’s
    through the years and have found
    that their commitment to promoting balance,
    academic integrity, and free market values
    on campuses is unsurpassed.”


    -Speaker Newt Gingrich
  • “The reason one supports Young America’s
    Foundation is that one supports one’s country,
    and one’s country is going to be run, in a matter
    of days now, by these kids. They are going to
    be making the important decisions.”


    -William F. Buckley Jr.-
  • “In the generational battles over ideas, Young
    America’s Foundation has been an indefatigable
    warrior, promoting the eternal values of individual
    freedom and free enterprise which have been
    at the core of the American experience.” 


    -Secretary Jack Kemp