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Ronald Reagan had a special partnership with Young America’s Foundation. Originally, YAF sponsored his radio addresses at Rancho del Cielo in the 1979s.Thanks to the generosity of patriotic Americans, YAF saved the crown jewel of the Conservative Movement, the Reagan Ranch, for future generations to know and love Ronald Reagan.



William F. Buckley, Jr. 


“The reason one supports Young America’s Foundation is that one supports one’s country.”


The Washington Times


“It would please Mr. Reagan that his spiritual home has been restored and maintained… by a private organization, Young America’s Foundation, and by voluntary contributions”


Vice President Dick Cheney


“Young America’s Foundation has been recognized as the premier organization dedicated to the enrichment of young Americans who are committed to the ideals of freedom and opportunity for all people.”

  • <strong><h4>Emily Hensler</strong></h4>

    Emily Hensler

    Because of your support, the conservative message will be shared with 13,000 students at one time. Emily Hensler is the Vice President of the Young Americans for Freedom Chapter at Liberty University. In her first year at Liberty University, Emily helped her chapter organize and host a lecture featuring Dinesh D’Souza and Star Parker. The D’Souza event attracted more than 300 attendees, including students, faculty, members of the community, and even the Liberty University President. Most recently, Emily secured Steve Forbes as a speaker at Liberty University’s convocation, which is the largest weekly gathering of young adults in the world. More than 13,000 students will be in attendance!
  • <strong><h4>Mark Kahanding</strong></h4>

    Mark Kahanding

    Mark Kahanding first became involved with Young America’s Foundation while attending YAF’s freedom conference in Ohio and Nashville earlier this year. Since then he and his Young Americans for Freedom Chapter have boldly proclaimed your conservative values at California State University, Los Angeles. Mark and his fellow students have been so determined to bring your conservative values to their campus, they even stood-up to pressure from the school President to cancel their Ben Shapiro lecture event and other radical dirty tricks and tactics. Ben’s speech, highlighting the threats to free speech and political correctness in schools, was live-streamed on the YAF site and garnered more than 500,000 views.
  • <strong><h4>Carter Lankes</strong></h4>

    Carter Lankes

    Your Young Americans for Freedom students are using creativity to spread the truth about free enterprise. As professors scheme to indoctrinate students with socialism, student Carter Lankes and his chapter at the University of Central Florida decided to fight back—with baked goods. Carter and his YAF chapter recently hosted a “Socialism Bake Sale” to highlight the obvious flaws in a socialistic ideology. YAFers sold baked goods to students on campus, but upon receiving payment, they would cut the baked good in half and “redistribute” part of it to someone in line who hadn’t paid. YAF students received a variety of responses some students, the point made students at UCF stop and think about the failed ideology so widely pushed by leftist professors.
  • “I have worked closely with Young America’s
    through the years and have found
    that their commitment to promoting balance,
    academic integrity, and free market values
    on campuses is unsurpassed.”


    -Speaker Newt Gingrich
  • “The reason one supports Young America’s
    Foundation is that one supports one’s country,
    and one’s country is going to be run, in a matter
    of days now, by these kids. They are going to
    be making the important decisions.”


    -William F. Buckley Jr.-
  • “In the generational battles over ideas, Young
    America’s Foundation has been an indefatigable
    warrior, promoting the eternal values of individual
    freedom and free enterprise which have been
    at the core of the American experience.” 


    -Secretary Jack Kemp